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New American Standard (Psalm 45:1)
My heart overflows with a good theme;
I address my verses to the King;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer

Thursday, July 7, 2011




“A LIFE WELL SPENT ” is dedicated to the men and women in this book, (a compilation of many Christians who made an impact for God’s glory).  I submit this study with deep appreciation for the brave Christian soldiers who changed their world around them in the times they lived.  They caused others to be moved and touched by the living God who manifested Himself through their lives .
To live a life for Christ is a costly anointing, a sacrifice of love and devotion.  It is with great honor, respect and thanksgiving that I present this book to the public to glean from their lives.  I hope my readers will capture a glimpse of these great people of God and I am praying it will cause a hunger and desire to be conformed more and more into the image of Christ.  Please contact me if you would be interested in purchasing a copy of this study.
Dated: May 1, 2011
This book is available in rough CD format at present.  You can purchase this CD along with other books Rev. Joe Geertz has written on EBay   $8.50 + shipping


God uses the common and ordinary to do extraordinary exploits.  This book was written as an overview of 138 men and women of God who made a difference.  They lived “A Life Well Spent”, and they made an impact on the Christian world of their time and set a precedent for us to follow.
These men and women were no different from you or me in many ways, but that which caused them to be set apart for God was their close and intimate relationship with the Lord and lives filled with faith, wisdom and power.  They were committed to the salvation of souls as the Lord led them. The people in this book were yielded vessels of God, and they displayed His character in so many ways. One of the things you will notice in this book is that the people are from every corner of the world, all walks of life and different denominations within the Christian faith.  Some were wealthy and were of means and some lived in poverty.  I love that fact.  God can, and will use us no matter where and who we are if we are but willing..

Some went through fiery trials, some through dire circumstances, and some through simple devotion to Christ.  As we study this book we will see a pattern developing of those who walked in joint effort with God with a common goal.  They shared the mutual purpose of loving God and loving those He sent them to minister to.  As we reflect upon their lives, let us ask God to use us for His purposes and pray that the fruits of our labor will be evident long after we are gone.  My hope is that you will find your calling in Christ Jesus and walk in the fullness of your own destiny.

Joseph Geertz is an ordained minister and was born and raised in the Muscatine, Iowa area, where Charles Parham grew up. Charles was born in 1873 and died in 1929.  Charles moved and then taught at a Texas University where William Seymour of the Azuza Street Revival was one of his students. Parham was also instrumental in the outbreak of the Tongues Revival in Texas.  His life intrigued Joe enough to do some studies on him which lead him to more studies of other men and women of God who made a difference in people’s lives.

Joe gave his heart to the Lord at a Baptist Bible camp at age six, and he attended a  Lutheran church as a child and young adult.  As a teenager, he held bible study in his High School.  He attended Freedom Acres in Minnesota to advance his knowledge of the word after high school, and then back to Muscatine to work in a Christian Coffee House Ministry.  After a falling away, he then went to Road to Christ Community for rehabilitation.  Joe graduated from Bible College at the Northwest Pacific School of theology, along with completing several bible courses.

He has done missionary work in India, sharing the gospel in several communities, and teaching about the gifts of the Spirit to pastors.  He compiled Basics Workbooks, “Foundational Doctrines” for pastors and had them translated in different dialects.  Reverend Geertz is just completing a book that has been eleven years in the making entitled “Transformed from Glory to Glory”.  It is about the attributes and characteristics of a Christian.
Joe has also created a Perfume and Spa Line of his own design.  He and his wife also create mostly one of a kind Jewelry pieces and lighted items for the home.  Their tent-making items are sold on EBay and Artfire.com.  They have found the marketplace to be an avenue God has placed them for evangelistic purposes, and have experienced fruit in this area.   

He has been given a passion to teach and share on the Fire of God and also End time events. He and his wife Donna are available for speaking at church functions, conferences and retreats.
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A CIRCUMCISION OF THE HEART  A word spoken by Kay Suggs .. my wife gave me this word that had been spoken at her church.. and It made a deep impact in my life..

I am doing a mighty circumcision of the heart.  There will be much weeping…  Will you allow me to do this work of cutting away the flesh? For in cutting there is pain.  Circumcision is covenant, but my men have broken covenant with me. 

It is the hour for you to stand, I am calling forth an alarm, for I am doing a quick work.  It is time for the laying down of the childish ways and things of the past and to take the sword of the spirit to uncircumcised flesh.  It is time for growing up and standing up in the Priesthood … My TRUE CALLING upon your life.   I shall make it plain to my men what I am asking of them. There shall not be any questions or confusion, for I shall bring clarity.  For they have been so consumed with themselves they are not even repentant for their lifestyles and how they have ignored me, their Father.  They have made excuses, and invented ways to convince themselves that all is well, but all is everything but well. They will not allow me access to cut away those fleshly things, they have missed me and my anointing. They have ministered out of their own knowledge and understanding. They shall weep for what they have missed, then stand on their feet. Weep and stand.   STAND UP… For you have seen, but have not seen… but, YOU SHALL SEE.  .  And, you will SEE in the days ahead if you will heed my word.  Things will not be as they were before.. not many years hence you shall see.

And you shall not allow another one who has been placed in your care to go into captivity.  You shall stand as men for those you have been called to cover. You will experience no more setbacks or be blinded by the ways Satan steals.  For you will see your strongest defense is on your knees. For you shall see… and I will place a fire and such a zeal, such a desire for those I have given to thee, thy family and my people. You have known in part how to fight in the enemy realm, but you have not used it in your own household, you have not taken your manhood seriously in your own domain. I am calling you into right balance, and the place I intend for you.  All religious walls that have held you back from ministering in My power will crumble.  I will give you eyes to see the bigger picture and all else will fade.  My love will consume you, and you will see the ultimate goal as more important.  You will walk in a greater dimension of forgiveness as you step out of rules into reigning.  The changes and fruit will be quick and dramatic as you yield to my spirit in this area.. 

I am placing the mantle upon thee, and it won’t be reversed as it has been before, … the men weak in the spirit and the women strong.  I give you the choice, for you have not been an example of strength and those close to you have suffered.  For I am calling you into right order, I am loosing authority upon you as the one I have called and to those I have placed in your care even now, saith the Lord, put away childish selfish pastimes, lay down the toys of boys, in trade for a true place of power and position.  Authority to set your house in order, to set your life in order, no longer walking in bondages.. for I begin a work, and so shall it be carried out correctly, but you must give up and yield to my ways and not the ways of the flesh, taking the easiest way.  The easy way has opened the door for abdicating position in my Kingdom, giving it away as Esau gave away his birthright for something temporal.

Your thoughts will no longer be just thoughts on how you will do this or that trying to figure it all out in your own strength, but your thoughts will be turned into fervent prayer as you lay ALL before me for every concern. You will no longer whine and whimper in your heart at what is ahead, but will look at the task in store as a good soldier, you will look and only see new opportunity and challenges and not problems.   You will see things from Kingdom perspective.

For, in a short time a closure will begin and an opportunity for a new beginning.   If you yield to My spirit and not your own desires you shall see the manifestation of my Glory and your choices will determine whether you will exhaust yourself and drain yourself of my spirit, whether you will make the choice to feed yourself of useless pastimes of thinking as you have in the past, or to be the son I have called you to be.  You make the choice to return to your own vomit so to speak or to come into full manhood.  You have not seeked and searched for me with your whole heart.  You have not made me your all- in- all.  You have other desires above me.  You will rise as the eagles and soar, if you will but make me your all in all.  You will sink and be useless to yourself and to all who would benefit from my spirit abiding within you, if you choose the path of ease and chose to ignore my pleas for change within your heart.  Come and let us reason together.

For I have placed much within you, and I have been waiting patiently for you to yield to me and to not make your disappointments your abode, but that you would come and abide in me, receiving and speaking my words of life. Stop living in what you see and live in the unseen.. a place of faith and power.  I will blow a new fire into your bones and the embers will become a flame so to speak.  You shall come out of the charred place into the place of power and authority I have ordained for you. I come with a  flaming sword, cutting away religion and false beliefs, cutting away fleshly desires and goals.  The fire of my presence years to blow into your spirit rekindling burning embers into a fiery blaze of passion for Me and for those I have given you charge over.

I will loose a love within you .. for my men have not known HOW to love me or to give protective love as a shepherd for ones I place before them, they have not known HOW to cover my people in the spirit;  and have relied on flesh and their own understanding; they have not known or cared to learn how to cover their wives, daughters, or sons.  Their wives have been the strong, with my heart of intercession.  My men have passed off intimate time with me and prayer to the women, believing the lie it is mostly for the women to pray.  I would say, sanctify yourselves today, fast and pray for more of me and tomorrow we will do great exploits, there shall hardly be a memory of yesterday, for such a complete work I will do.

I bring you to the end of something so you will enter into the new I have for you, but this time, it will be in MY strength and not yours.   You will no longer be choppy or ill at ease, but will begin to flow in my spirit. … and it will be as it were a heaviness that will fall upon you, but this heaviness will cause you to be lifted up in my spirit… a weighty anointing that will be apparent.  It will be a new flow which brings EASE… even that will come as an added anointing enabling you to carry it out by my spirit.  You shall begin to feel EVERY WORD come down with a weight, you shall have words with WEIGHT, and that is how my word will be delivered, if you will but yield to my ways and not the ways you have gone before, leaning on what you know and even mocking in your heart those who are relying on me, and saying why bother .. God does not hear anyway.. and ignoring the words of those who are trying to be strong in Me in the midst of storms, bringing discouragement to them in their turmoil. 

For my every word is important, you shall speak with a new anointing with its’ purposes fulfilled; every word fruit filled.  There will come a fierceness of the word.. new and powerful authority to break yolks.. you will become steadfast… standing in a place with authority without wavering.  As a General so to speak, to lead the men and women in these days to come.  I have sent others in the past to speak this, to remind you of your name in ME and upon your place, but you have not entered into the seriousness of the calling. 

There is a wave of my spirit coming, a newness, old things will be washed away in the new thing I desire to do in my men… my men will be seen as men and not as boys doing kid’s games, playing with kid’s toys…for this is a serious hour and my men have not taken their places seriously.  Changes are coming.  Things that have appeared dead will come to life, with MY LIFE leading.  There will be new revelation, there will be a unity and standing together and not working apart, for this will be needed in the coming days. This new blessing will have My heart and not one of condemnation. You will walk and speak in love and compassion toward yourself and others.

The Father’s and Mother’s I have called in the Faith will be working as ONE.  No longer will they be separate, no longer will jealousy and fear rule in your hearts. For all jealousy will disappear as you lean on me and receive my anointing. There will be immediate changes, and a new birthing beginning after this encounter, a birthing that will bring about great change, but your anointing will decrease if you do not heed my word, if you choose to become bitter and stay in Egypt, if you choose to remain in the childhood state that has become a comfort for you.  A new fire and zeal will come upon you as you covenant with me in your heart to leave the old behind.  Despondency and the spirit of unbelief and hopelessness will consume you again as it has in the past if you do not give all to me and release self-seeking ambitions. As you seek me first all these things shall be added unto you, all that you have desired.

Yes, you have left many things of the past, but the desire for pleasure and fame remains.  It will consume you again as it has in the past if you do not give all to me and release self-seeking ambitions. If your passion is not for me, and what is on MY heart, your heart will be given to other obsessions.  Leave Egypt behind, my son… leave behind all that will hold you back, I desire that your load be lightened and not carry more weight into the new place I desire for you.  Lighten your load in all areas and I will enlarge your tent.  For you have been holding all you hold dear back, for they are connected to you by spirit.  But, you must first lay down the childish dreams and ideas so my plan and purpose may come to pass.  For the enemy would love to keep you as a child, the enemy would love to keep you in a place of isolation and disinterest, and there you will remain if you do not open up and allow my spirit to do the work I have desired.  You have layed down the tools I have placed in your hands, time with me, my word, good works for selfish desires.  The very thing you have been lacking is ME.  You have forsaken ME and have replaced ME with a spirit of self pity and complacency.  Sitting in the dust will not accomplish that which I desire to do in you and through you. 

Be open to where I want to send you, for there is much joy and purpose in this place.  Come and receive the riches I have for you and release the security blanket of childhood play, self pity and laziness behind.  I am bringing you out (of Egypt) to bring you in (the the Promised Land).  I desire to bring you out with silver and gold.  You will not leave Egypt empty handed. 

©Kay Suggs   1/11/97   given at Heart To heart Christian Church  1/11/97
©a circumcision of the heart.mwd.      please do not use this word without permission


Friday, June 10, 2011


This is an excerpt from a book I have written. I so want to be the temple where the presence of God will desire to dwell.. don't you?

Expresso Joe  


Romans 8:9
But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

1 Corinthians 6:19
What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Temple defined:
1a. A building dedicated to religious ceremonies or worship. B. Temple Either of two successive buildings in ancient Jerusalem serving as the primary center for Jewish worship
2. Something regarded as having within it a divine presence.
3. A building used for meetings by any of several fraternal orders.
4. A building reserved for a highly valued function: the library, a temple of learning.

Synonyms: cathedral, chapel, church, house of God, sanctuary, shrine, synagogue, tabernacle

This is a wow attribute. The opportunity to be the temple of our great God, the place where God dwells is within us. If we were a house we would be called God’s house, the place God desires to live. A house has a foundation, walls, rooms, closets, a roof, and windows. Within a house we are fed, bathed, warmed, sheltered, protected and covered. A house is where we sleep, rest, relax, and become calmed and comforted. A house is a place where all our emotions are exposed from excitement, laughter, tears, joy, peace and a multitude of others.

What kind of a temple are we? Are we a holy temple that loves righteousness and desires to please the Lord or do we have areas within the house where we hide things like in the closets?

In early days of the Bible there was a tabernacle and later on it became a temple. We are likened to the temple as a dwelling place of God. Within this temple are various furnishings such as the lampstand, an altar of incense, a laver, an altar for sacrifices, a table of showbread, an outer court, an inner court a mercy seat and the holy of holies. There is blood on the altar from the sacrifices.

The lampstand shows we give forth light and we are the light of the world. The altar of incense represents our prayers going up to heaven as a sweet smelling savor. The laver is for cleansing and washing and as we wash at the laver we see our reflection. The altar represents the fact that we are living sacrifices. The table of showbread shows we have the bread of life to offer to others. The outer court is our initial gathering place for fellowship with others and the inner court allows a place to gather to worship. The mercy seat is the representation of where God resides within our very depths and waiting and wanting to meet with us. The holy of holies shows we can have intimacy with the King. The blood on the altar represents our forgiveness because of the blood that was shed for us on Calvary.

It should be our hearts desire to keep our temple pure and holy for our God to dwell.

If a temple is a place where God dwells how do you feel about God dwelling in you since you are the temple of the Holy Ghost?

How does it make you feel if you do not belong to yourself, but belong to God?

Have you prepared a sanctuary for the Spirit of God to dwell in?

Joseph Geertz 3/21/11

©Temple of the Holy Ghost